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We specialize in breeding quality & healthy BALL PYTHONS, BLOOD PYTHONS & BOA CONSTRICTORS


Introducing our first pair of Blood Pythons! We've contemplated on getting into blood pythons

for a while now, but it was always their nasty reputation that made us think twice.

This beautiful pair of GOLDENEYE Blood Pythons changed our minds. Over many years of captive breeding of blood pythons, their temperament are finally calming down.

These two are the calmest bloods I've ever held. Can't wait to start breeding them!



Ball Pythons

(Python Regius)



Boa Constrictors

(Boa Constrictor Imperator)




Someone with a FAKE PROFILE on

Fauna's Canadian Board of Inquiry posted FALSE CLAIMS

against David Chan of Exotic Serpents on September 27, 2016.


David take his personal and business reputation very seriously.


He is offering $1000.00 reward to anyone who can;

identify the author; provide evidence; and be willing to

testify in court as to who this person is that posted false claims

against him on the Canadian BOI thread.


Please CLICK on the REWARD icon to see

this malicious post and judge for yourself.


We strive to:

  Produce BEAUTIFUL LIVE ART specimens with our designer morphs breeding program.

  Produce PREMIUM QUALITY & HEALTHY specimens by maintaining clean & proper habitats.

  Share our passion and experiences with snake enthusiasts whether you are a beginner, collector or breeder.

  Educate the inexperience and novice keepers.

  Convert those who fear snakes into Snake LOVERS.




B.C. Environment Minister Barry Penner announced measures to control exotic animals as of March 16, 2009. (More details)

David Chan of Exotic Serpents along with Henry Piorun of Henry Piorun Reptiles & Don Patterson of Don Patterson Pythons & Boas had a meeting with the Ministry of Environment of BC on April 9, 2009 with the following Report.  You are welcome to download this PDF file for your information.

  Exotic Species Ban Presentation PDF Apr 06/09

Our negotiations with the Ministry of Environment had resulted with the following ban list:

  Updated Ban List Oct 15/09

  CKMO 900 AM Radio Interview Nov 25/09

(click here to listen)


Aug 21, 13 - CKNW Bill Good Show

David Chan interview

Aug 21, 13  -  CBC News Vancouver

Two venomous snakes euthanized

Aug 19, 13 - CBC News Vancouver

Snake kill questioned ...

David Chan criticizes conservation officers

Aug 19, 13  -  CBC Radio On the Coast show

David Chan interview

Aug 19, 13 - CBC News Vancouver

RAW:  Breeder disputes snake killing ... David Chan says officers should not have euthanized 46 pythons

Aug 18, 13 - CBC News Vancouver

Nearly 100 snakes found in BC home ...

Fifty legal snakes found, 46 illegal pythons euthanized

Aug 6, 13 - CBC News Vancouver

Concerns about exotic animals 




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