By Athena Siganakis & Charles Straceny of The Python Syndicate


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Exotic Serpents for their friendship, help & mentorship over the last few years.  Norma & Dave have been so good to us AND good to ME personally (I am worrier LOL)  They've guided us through the grow up and now breeding stages and made us laugh while doing it.  We are so grateful.  We may not be a big enterprise but we will be a quality one.  We are looking forward to sharing our first egg experiences with them and working with them in the future.


 By Curtis Richter


Back in 2007/2008 the idea of ever owning a Ball Python as a pet was a completely alien concept

to me, in all honesty I never quite understood it. After several days of convincing from my wife,

however, we would soon find ourselves in possession of our first Ball Python.


The first day that we met with David and Norma to pick out a snake to take home I felt my

attitude towards Ball Pythons change within minutes. Listening to the two of them explain

feeding, care, housing, and what do just in case of complications, not only made me immediately

comfortable with the prospect of owning one of their animals but also assured me that David

and Norma were caring breeders and not in this to make a quick buck. This sentiment was later

reinforced a few days later when my wife grew concerned about the temperature being incorrect

in our young python’s housing. That very same day the two of them came to take a look at our

cage and helped us make sure everything was okay (and as it turns out everything was fine, we

had just setup our electronic thermometer incorrectly. *whoops*).


Fast forward to 2013:

After what was originally meant to be a simple visit to purchase more feed, my wife and I found

ourselves actively discussing the prospect of breeding Ball Pythons. Sure enough, only days later

we decided to meet again with David and Norma about this possible new endeavor and just as

before, after speaking with them I felt any form of apprehension on the subject not only melt

away, but turn to excitement!


My wife and I are now looking forward to our future in breeding Ball Pythons. I am confident in

both the quality of care provided for these animals prior to having purchased them and also in the

support that my wife and I will receive should we ever require it. We look forward to continuing

our working relationship and friendship with David and Norma of Exotic Serpents.



 By Richard Broadhead of Pacific Pythons


I have bought many ball pythons from exotic serpents and they will continue to be my number one choice for buying top quality animals. The customer service is unrivaled anywhere, they will go above and beyond to educate you and are always happy to help out with any questions you may have no matter how big or small. They helped me get started with simply caring for my ball pythons all they way to breeding and producing my first ball python clutch. I highly recommend exotic serpents to anyone from a first time snake owner to an experienced breeder.


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