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David and Norma Chan, a husband and wife team that stumbled into the snake breeding business by chance.


Although Norma was born in the Year of the Snake, she has always had a fear of snakes since she was a child when her brother chased her with a dried snake tail.  Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think that one day she'd be living in a house full of snakes; loving and taking care of them. 


One summer day in 2001, the couple visited a horse racing track to take pictures of horses since David is a photographer by trade.  Just when they were leaving, they noticed a small crowd had gathered.  With curiosity they went to check out what the crowd was fascinated with.  Well, in the middle of that crowd, there was a lady with a little baby Ball Python in her hand.  At first, Norma stood about six feet away and just watched all the people that would come up to touch, hold and feel the python.  David being the photographer that he is wanted to take pictures of course.  So Norma approached the lady with the snake and asked if it's O.K. to take a picture of her and her snake.  Note, the key words were "her and her snake" as Norma is still fearful.  This friendly lady then offered Norma to hold the snake.  No, was Norma's instant reply.  She offered again and Norma's answer was no again.  Third time lucky, when this lady offered again and Norma thought to herself that she'd watched a whole bunch of people, young and old, touch, hold and feel this little python and nothing happened to them.  So, Norma decided to get over her fear that day.  She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and stuck her hand out and the lady place the python in her hand.  When Norma felt the snake's muscle move about on her skin, it was LOVE AT FIRST TOUCH!  The next thing that came out of Norma's mouth was "Where do you get one?" and  "How do you take care of them?" 


On the other hand, David is the business mind in the family.  After acquiring their first Ball Python, as they say, "Once you purchase one, you will not stop at one".  Well as time went one, one Ball Python became two Ball Pythons and Mr. Photographer wanted a bigger snake to photograph with clients, then came a Boa Constrictor.  They met Henry Piorun of Henry Piorun Reptiles/A1pythons.com at a Local Reptile Show and also visited him at his snake facility.  That's when David became interested in implementing a breeding program.  Under Henry's guidance, through the years, they continued to add to their collection with different species and different designer morphs in hopes of producing STUNNING & BEAUTIFUL LIVING ART, exotic specimens for all to enjoy.

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